about us


Our office has over 25 years of history, always aware about the news in technology and its daily and law applications. Our office is constantly updated, providing new features to make contact easier and save time. We offer support locally and remotely, allowing us to be available to our customers at any time, regardless of distance.



preventive advocacy and compliance


Just as in the medical field prevention is the best medicine, in the legal area our philosophy is the same. Our office specializes in providing legal support to anticipate potential problems and find solutions before they happen. We are always aligned with the latest in legislation, keeping our customers safe so they have time to focus on others issues more relevant for their companies.


We provide monthly advice for all types of companies, starting from the individual entrepreneur to large corporations. From reviewing contracts with suppliers to final consumer contracts, commercial lease agreements, and contracts in labor relations, this all relay on competent legal support. With our advice we provide the necessary support to prevent litigation and maximize the chances of success when unavoidable.


You can save time and money with the preliminary review of a contract. Detailed analysis before signing allows you to prevent and minimize the risks inherent in any business. The difference between winning and losing a lawsuit often depends on how the disputed contract was performed.



international support


Our partners include lawyers who are able to serve international clients with English, Mandarin and Japanese language services. We provide legal support and even interpreters if necessary, clarifying doubts and providing the necessary support for the legal needs of foreigners residing or having business in Brazil.



SERVIces available 


Among the services available to our monthly customers, we have:


  • 24/7 remote attendance

  • Multilingual Support

  • Service with appointment from Monday to Saturday, from 09h to 17h

  • Contact from anywhere in the world via email and mobile app
  • Client area to monitor process progress in real time
  • We Search for data about companies or people that our customers want to do business

  • Drafting of lease agreement, purchase and sale agreement, employment contract, among others

  • Analysis of contracts made by third parties and suggestions for changes

  • Online document sending and receiving

  • Monthly Statement of services provided

  • Monthly newsletters with changes in relevant legislation and case law